Fast Track Your Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition!

How much could your business grow with more, high-quality and highly targeted, leads?

Let's face it, you know how hard it is to get prospects to answer their phones. You know the old methods of prospecting are not getting you or your salespeople enough opportunities. Worst of all, your expensive salespeople are prospecting more and selling less. This is not going to fix itself. So where do you go from here?

Introducing managed digital advertising from ThinkFuel Marketing!

If digital marketing is a marathon, consider our managed advertising services the equivalent of jumping in an Uber and rushing to the finish line. 


How does it work?

Digital ads are all over the internet. You see them before videos, in your social media feeds, in your Google search results, along side news articles you're reading, in your inbox, and ... well like we said, they're everywhere. We take a 6 step approach to our managed digital advertising program to ensure the right people are seeing your ads, in the right context and at the right time.



Understanding your brand and clients
It's all about making sure your ads resonate with your clients and accurately reflect your brand, messaging and tone.

PPC-Platofrm-selection Platform selection
Your ads will only be effective if we get them in front of the right people at the right time. This is all about understanding where your prospects spend time online and selecting the right platform (i.e. LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc.) to maximize exposure to them.
PPC-Strategy-&-Structure Strategy and structure
Regardless of the platform, your ad campaigns need to follow a very tight to strategy and structure to maximize the results. Showing a generic ad to your entire prospect pool may be easy, but it's not effective.
PPC-Design Ad design
Most platforms utilize display advertisements so creating visually stunning and enticing ads is what makes the difference between being noticed and being scrolled past. 
PPC-Launch Launch!
Once you've approved the strategy, structure and designs we're ready to launch. We set the budget your comfortable with and turn the ignition!
PPC-Optimization Ongoing optimization
"Set it and forget it" may have worked for Ron Popeil but this isn't an infomercial, it's your business. That's why we continually monitor, adjust and optimize your ad campaigns to maximize your budget while driving high-quality leads to your site.

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For over a year, we have experienced consistent growth in leads from our website thanks to the program put in place by ThinkFuel Marketing. On average, we realize a 36% growth in leads each quarter, with the past three months delivering us over 200 new prospects.
Kristen Bowers
Sales Team Lead, Hybrid Document Systems
ThinkFuel is laser-focused on helping us increase traffic and generate net new business
Jim Sheridan
Executive Vice President, DRS Imaging
I can’t recommend ThinkFuel Marketing enough.
Effy Nicopoulos
Founder, Organize That